Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Poem from my granddaughter....

I don't usually put personal information on this blog, not because I don't want to, but I usually don't really feel that I have that much to share on a daily basis. I hope to change that bit by bit, and by starting to do so, I would like to share with everyone a poem written by my ten year old granddaughter on returning to school this Thursday, August 21st. Before I do so, though, I should also add that I have three granddaughters, all sisters, ages, 5, 8 and 10. I love them all dearly and am so very proud of them. The youngest will be starting kindergarten this year, while the other two are by now old hats at the school game. Both of them are so intelligent that they both are in the gifted student program at their school (sorry, but that's just a grandmothers pride showing!) Enjoy the poem!


School is just starting,
The year is brand new,
I'm free to change,
however I want to.

I could be a super-rockstar,
or a pretty girl,
wearing a tee-shirt and some pants,
or even a surfer dude!

Or maybe I'll just go to school,
as me and no one else,
I know how I'll go to school...
I'll just be MYSELF!!

So that day I went to school,
and all my friends were there,
We all were just being ourselves,
I figured out what to wear!

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